Helping people strengthen their performance through ownership and action

Individual Coaching

Many people once believed that their work experience alone would qualify them to receive promotions and advancement.  Others anticipate that a single management seminar or workshop will result in all the professional development they need to prepare them for their next step.  Still others hope their manager or supervisor can find the time to plan and shape their career.

What you find in the real world is that professional development is an ongoing and very individual process requiring long-term commitment and multiple development activities.  One activity is a process called individual coaching and is a critical supplement to work experience, workshops and mentors.

Individual Coaching is:

  • an opportunity to take control over your development
  • a way to focus your attention on areas you feel you can strengthen
  • a way to use daily work challenges to enhance your skills

How It Works:

Since individual coaching is designed to meet a wide range of individual needs, sessions vary greatly in depth and content from one individual to another. There are no set number of sessions and there is no rigid structure to follow. Instead, your coach will guide you through a process that best matches your requirements. Typically coaching is a one-on-one session that lasts one to two hours and results in personalized action plans and commitments. Some individuals utilize two or three sessions, others continue for a longer period. Some coaching sessions can also be conducted over the phone. ALL COACHING SESSIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

Sample Individual Coaching Areas

  • Sharpening communication skills verbal and written
  • Developing working relationships
  • Expanding interpersonal skills
  • Enhancing daily work habits
  • Increasing personal insight
  • Improving time management
  • Dealing with challenging people
  • Motivating others
  • Strengthening leadership
  • Preparing for the next level


  • Formalizes your professional development
  • Increases your motivation to work on goals and action plans
  • Keeps you focused on important and challenging areas
  • Provides direct, objective feedback and input
  • Offers training, tools, support and structure
  • Serves as an agent for lasting change and development