The best program is the one that addresses your specific needs.
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Our Unique Approach

We focus on integrating, building upon, and reinforcing all learning components. The result: a cohesive, progressive, skill-building experience rather than separate concepts that are unrelated or even contradictory. This approach leads to ongoing and measurable on-the-job impact and a shared, common, language. Our courses connect and strengthen learning in three key areas:

Our programs are:

  • Customized to client needs
  • Anchored to business goals
  • Tailored to participants' experience
  • Focused on skills — not just awareness
  • Highly participative and interactive
  • Structured to create team building
  • Targeted to real-life situations
  • Geared for immediate on-the-job use
  • Connected to client’s vision, mission, values, culture and/or code of conduct
  • Focused on impacting bottom-line results

We provide:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Customized workbooks
  • Examples that relate to your industry
  • Dynamic classroom discussions
  • Skills practice
  • Follow-up materials and job aids (hard copy and computer soft copy)
  • Props and training supplies
  • Accelerated learning/retention activities
  • Pre-work, Quizzes, assessments, demonstrations, DVDs
  • Learner-focused, hands-on exercises
  • Attention-grabbing multimedia
  • On-the-job assignments
  • Webinars as pre or post-work
  • Energizers related to course content
  • Refresher sessions to support long-term retention  
  • A live preview of any class upon request with prior permission and as schedules permit
  • Train-the-trainer certification for internal trainers

Our experienced instructors:

  • Model the skills being taught continuously during content delivery and client interactions
  • Exhibit passion about the content to help others get better at what they do
  • “Read” a group and make on-the-spot adjustments to enhance classroom dynamics and engagement
  • Link learning to participants’ real-life issues and bottom line business impact

Our philosophy:

Over the years we have mastered an approach to teaching that maximizes learning by:

  • Capturing learner interest and engagement
  • Creating a comfortable environment that invites open participation, insight and disclosure
  • Imparting course content in varied ways to capture all learning styles with frequent changes in delivery methods
  • Utilizing multiple practice activities in the classroom
  • Assigning on-the-job application with follow-up and accountability
  • Requiring participants to regularly track and report impact of on-the-job use in areas such as productivity, quality, turnover, customer service, sales, morale, etc.
  • Nudging participants gradually out of their comfort zone to explore higher levels of skill development
  • Stimulating cooperative learning whereby participants learn from each other and build on each other’s experiences
  • Exploiting the iterative process to reinforce learning so activities build upon and repeat concepts learned earlier
  • Selecting individuals thoughtfully for each training group to minimize reporting relationships if that could dampen open participation
  • Encouraging a mix of cross-functional roles to create networking, knowledge transfer and sharing best practices across an organization

We request of clients:

  • Recognize senior management’s crucial part in the successful transfer of skills to on-the-job use
  • Support participants in attending all programs, as scheduled and uninterrupted
  • Meet with participants to discuss specific learnings and application
  • Ask to see examples and impact of on-the-job assignments
  • Recognize and acknowledge participants’ behavior changes and improved performance
  • Help participants explore any barriers/challenges to implementing what is learned