Client Feedback

“Amy is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. Her training sessions are outstanding and we never fail to get a flurry of strongly enthusiastic comments and consistently high marks for every conference for which we hire her to speak. It's rare to work with someone who has such high integrity, great content, and personable delivery. Plus she's easy to work with, flexible, and the consummate professional on the business side of the equation as well. AAAAA+++++. What more can I say?”

David Newman
Business 21 Publishing

“Amy Henderson successfully tailored a twelve part training series to specifically apply to game development. She exceeded our expectations not only through content, but also by providing one on one support for participants by developing relationships with our employees. I highly recommend Amy.”

Eniker Molnar
Human Resources Manager, High Moon Studios (Vivendi Universal Games)

“Of all the learning and development professionals I have worked with Amy's depth and breadth of knowledge and skills is quite frankly, the best overall. If she were in the Learning and Development Olympics she would gold medal in the Decathlon. I've worked with her in a variety of capacities and in every case ... with every engagement, she has delivers perfect 10's. Whether we're talking instructional design, program facilitation, coaching, creating unique and innovative solutions or mapping out broad implementation strategies for top organizations ... she raises the bar. Most of all -- based on my personal experience I've know her clients, her students, her teams all adore her. Her contributions to their lives and to their organizations are real. It's no wonder that she is in such high demand.”

Randy Baker
Industrial Shaman/Founder of Simplexcity Solutions

“Amy is the consummate professional and an extremely knowledgeable consultant/trainer. Her combination of real world experience and her breadth of knowledge on many corporate and social subjects compliment her ability to connect with her clients in a classroom setting as well as one on one situations. I have taken many leadership classes in the past but Amy’s really connected in a way that I can carry it forward in my career. Henderson Training is an organization I look forward to working with in the future.”

Thomas Ashbrook
Divisional Information Officer, Fremont Investment & Loan

“Amy provides excellent training services that are tailored to the customer's needs and incorporate a wealth of practical applications. Amy's style in and out of the workshops is warm and approachable that balances well with a commitment to hold senior management to front line staff accountable. Participants respond enthusiastically to both workshops and one-on-one coaching. I highly recommend Amy's services.”

Jeffrey Daily
Employee Development Manager, Granite Construction

“Amy is an excellent trainer who is great in the professional development of employees. She structures her training sessions in an open environment that teaches information, enhances skills, inspires and motivates people to go to a higher level in the area they are receiving training. She is very creative and structures the training according to the needs of the company at reasonable costs. Her professionalism and knowledge is displayed in the classroom training and in the materials that she provides for the training.”

Elvira Bornstein
Director of Administration, Mylor Financial

“I had Amy come and speak at a Management Education session. I found her, as did the managers, supervisors and leads who were present, to be a wonderful, articulate and smart speaker who engaged the entire audience. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a lively, thought-provoking session where people actually learn something they can use!”

Ken Keller
Owner, Renaissance Executive Forums

“I had the good fortune of being able to attend one of Amy's training events while at Fremont Investment & Loan. I found this training very beneficial and it helped greatly in preparing me for my management role. Amy's leadership development is quite comprehensive and was very specific to the roles our managers played. Not only did I benefit from the experience, but I saw my managers make significant advancements, both personal and professional. I would strongly suggest utilizing her expertise if you have the opportunity to. I hope I have the chance to work with Amy in the future.”

Leslie White
VP Regional Manager, Fremont Investment & Loan

“Amy has provided outstanding training at Granite Construction for the nine years that I have been with the Company. She is an excellent presenter - very creative in keeping the participants engaged. She has deep knowledge in the area of management and other skills that managers and individual participants need to be successful and is also a great individual coach. I highly recommend Amy.”

Mary McCann-Jenni
VP, Controller, Granite Construction

“Amy came to High Moon Studios at regular intervals over several months to provide us with management training. The highest compliment I can give her is that except for when it was impossible for me to do so (i.e. when I was not on-site) I attended every single one of the sessions. Amy provided relevant (and interesting) training that was easy to implement and immediately benefited performance at our studio. I would recommend her and the program she teaches to any organization who wants to improve its performance in general and the performance of its management in particular.”

Steve Sargent
Executive Producer, High Moon Studios (Vivendi Universal Games)

“It has been a pleasure working with Amy. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I don't just speak for myself when I say that her insight, and approach to our training program has had a very positive impact in our organization. Many of the individuals attending the session cannot wait for the next one. It is easy to see in the attitudes of the management team, and in the morale of the individuals in the various departments, that her teachings have made a very strong, and lasting impression on all of us who have attended her sessions. Amy takes a very personal approach for those that need some additional insight or request more information on a particular subject that has been discussed. It is quite apparent that Amy loves what she does, and in my opinion her positive attitude makes working with her more like coaching and less like consulting. I will recommend Henderson Training to any company that is truly interested in nourishing a strong management team.”

Robert Shane
Warehouse Manager, Data Exchange Corporation

“Amy is quite simply the most extraordinary teacher of business management principles with whom I have dealt in my professional life. She is in fact one of the two best teachers I have ever seen. She is eloquent, charismatic, wise, and funny, and she practices those principles which she teaches in her interactions with both friends and clients with a consistency that is, unfortunately, as rare as it is desirable.”

Michael Enright
AVP, Center Underwriting Manager, JP Morgan/Chase

“Amy is one of the best trainers I've worked with. I still reference her materials after four years. I highly recommend her”

Paula Swain
Vice President, Human Resources, Appraisal Enhancement Services

“I feel greatly satisfied knowing that my initial efforts in bringing about a process for long-term development and education through what was once known as “Amy-training” (led by trainer Amy Henderson) has acted as a catalyst and perhaps influenced an evolution which led to Granite’s company-wide, formal Employee Development Initiative (EDI).”

Bill Barton
CFO, Granite Construction Company
(Named one of Fortune’s Best 100 companies to work for, 5 straight years)

“Amy is a true professional who brings to the table a wealth of experience in the areas of organizational and leadership development. She works well with all levels of the organization. She is able to shine even in the most challenging workplace scenarios”

Yvonne Perez
Learning & Development, SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union

“I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Henderson from initial conception to rollout of several leadership development training programs. She arrives early, prepared, and ready for action. Amy has designed her content and delivery to focus consistently on practical actionable steps for participants to employ in their personal and work lives to become well-rounded, successful professionals. Although Amy certainly holds command of her audience's attention while in front of the room, I experienced the ultimate compliment of her efforts when I witnessed participants employing her content on the job even after having attended her classes several years prior.”

Robert Gasdick
Corporate Training Manager, Morgan Stanley Home Loans

“Amy provided our group with a fast paced, intelligent and entertaining presentation that was jam packed with helpful insight and recommendations. It was well worth the investment.”

John Duncan
President, eSolutions

“Amy is an in inspirational instructor, mentor and leader in her field of leadership training. She has significantly contributed to the personal success of many individuals, as well, as to the organizations where she provides her services. Through her Catalyst Leadership Training Programs, I have observed many individuals transform from good managers to excellent leaders and would recommend Amy and her program for any organization that wishes to elevate their leadership potential within their company.”

Mike Stansbury
AVP, Network Manager, Fremont Investment & Loan

“It is not easy to find fault with any work that Amy does. Clients will be very pleased with her service.”

Allen Weitzel
Manager of Safety & Training, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

“Amy has been my personal coach for several years. I depend on her to counsel me on various developmental issues. She is a great listener and very direct with her feedback. She makes herself available whenever I have a need. She has been instrumental in my development and I appreciate her support.”

Jigisha Desai
VP, Treasurer, Granite Construction

“I was privileged to participate in a management training course given by Amy Henderson. Over the length of my career I have attended numerous management seminars, classes, etc. Expecting more of the same, I was genuinely impressed and gratified with her depth of knowledge about and understanding of corporate culture. Amy's expert instruction and undeniable charisma imbued the course material with accessibility and introduced the class to an engaging interactive experience. Her course was professionally executed, entertaining and introduced methods, techniques and efficiencies that I will continue to use throughout my career.”

Catherine Sanchez
AVP, National Appraisal Review Manager, Fremont Investment and Loan

“Amy is a highly skilled trainer who brings upbeat energy and great presence to her classes. I have both attended Amy's training classes as a student and hired Amy to train my team. In both scenarios, I was very pleased with the outcomes. Amy also acted as my leadership coach for a 4+ month period. She brought great insights and made great suggestions related to my work situations. I would highly recommend her and plan to hire her again in the future for team training and coaching.”

Brenda Hanson
VP, Internal Audit, Fremont Investment & Loan

“Amy is one of - if not the best "career coach" and trainer that I have had the pleasure to work with. She manages to keep every training session up beat and lively. This of course is accomplished while providing rich and precise content on skills necessary to take one's management expertise to the next level. I would recommend Amy to anyone who is serious in learning or refining management skills.”

Thomas Zochowski
AVP, Technology Operations, Advanced Equities

“Amy is an effective trainer/facilitator with strong knowledge and experience in teaching key leadership and management skills. Her classes are energizing and interactive, making it interesting and engaging to attend. The curriculum was a great benefit to me and my company!”

Rob Pioli
Group Procurement Manager, Beckman Coulter

“I participated in several of the training sessions Amy presented. She brings many gifts to her training: her professionalism, her ability to communicate with people at all levels of the organization, her ability to translate concepts into language and activities that fit the culture and the audience, and her individual coaching skills. She makes learning fun, and she makes fun educational.”

Karin Albert
Educational R&D Leader, Granite Construction

“Amy was assigned to give managers advanced Management Training through my previous company. She impacted EVERYONE in the class and is an asset to anyone who works with her. After leaving my previous company, her Training Curriculum was the only book that I retained that has made a difference in my professional career.”

Adel Issa
Sales Manager, Saxon

“Amy is a passionate and competent training and development professional. Her creativity in developing and delivering training to clients is amazing. She will deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations time and time again.”

Rachel Richards
Corporate Training Manager, Morgan Stanley Home Loans

“We hired Amy early this year to conduct Leadership and Management training on a monthly basis for all levels of management at DEX. Amy has been fantastic to work with. She's perceptive, creative and really has established a strong connection with our employees which is paramount. I HIGHLY recommend Amy for training opportunities!”

Christy Caffee
Human Resources Director, High Moon Studios (Vivendi Universal Games)

“The leadership training Amy provided our organization was excellent. Amy is an A+ trainer who is clearly knowledgeable on all topics and uses her sense of humor and personal experiences to make the material interesting and meaningful.”

Sarah Hendley
Human  Resources Professional, Data Exchange Corporation

Blog: Management in the Video Game Industry

“I have recently completed a great management training program taught by Amy Henderson of Henderson Training. I have done several over the years, and find this one to be the best to date. She runs an outstanding training program for managers and covers a wide range of topics.

In my own experiences within the industry, as well as those shared by others, good and effective management in video game development is a rare commodity. We have many talented and creative people (100+ in some cases) doing very creative things and solving very complex problems and effective leadership of that talent is crucial. Add to that the millions of dollars it now takes to develop a competitive product, and a lack of solid leadership can (and usually does) spell disaster.

In many cases throughout the industry, our managers are just artists, designers, and programmers, that do such a great job that we will promote them into positions of managing others in order to justify the salaries we need to pay them to stick around. What we do not usually do is invest in making those individuals great managers. It is an entirely different skill set that needs to be developed.

I could probably turn this blog post into a full-fledged article on this topic (maybe I will when I have the time), but for now I really just wanted to say, and encourage, companies within our industry to invest the time and resources into your ‘star’ employees to make them great and effective managers. It is critical to your success and growth potential!

To end this post as I opened it, I highly recommend Amy’s services. They provide an excellent foundation for your employees to build on and hopefully become great managers that mentor and guide your company to further success.”

Scott Blinn
Lead Technical Designer, High Moon Studios (Vivendi Universal Games)

"Amy brings the highest level of energy and charisma to any learning event, engaging the audience and helping people advance their development and their careers. Having worked with Amy on a couple dozen occasions, I've experienced her training first hand and have seen her coach various colleagues and help make a difference in people's lives, including my own. Whether it's individual coaching, team training, training design or other developmental needs, Amy helps an organization by tailoring her talents towards the client's needs and the people involved. An expert in the field of training, Amy can ramp up anyone's skills in a multitude of developmental areas. Amy brings a level of creativity and interaction that elevates the level of learning for all members who experience her work. Having experienced Amy's work for over ten years, I recommend Amy to any business or person who is looking for that "catalyst" in learning to elevate their development and their business."

Drew Erickson
Granite Construction, Inc.

“We hired Amy last year (2008) to develop a training program for our office team. The goal was to define the needs of our group, develop a program that would help them in areas of difficulty and then follow that up with an intense day of training. I was impressed at how detailed Amy was in her research of the day to day operations and issues we face in our office dealing with customers, field personnel and each other. She spent time on the phone and via email with my office manager & I, followed by visits with each of the office team to define specific topics for training and training aids. The training materials she developed and used were effective, informative, classy, and most of all fun! The training day was a great success and my team came away with ideas and steps to take to deal with a variety of issues we face daily as well as how to help and uphold the other members of the office team when things get tough. It was obvious that there was a definite connection with each team member and that they came away feeling like they learned something practical in addition to feeling better about themselves for the experience. Shortly after the class, Amy followed up with each of the team to see how things were going and to reinforce the topics of the training day which was an added bonus. I highly recommend Amy for her skill in developing and implementing training materials and programs. We intend to make use of her services again in the near future.”

O.J. Atchison
Atchison Propane

“Our company, Business 21, does about 200 Webinars per year and has a stable of top speakers on our faculty. By far the most important criteria for judging our speakers is participant evaluations. Our audience can be brutal on speakers who don't deliver take-home value. But Amy, who has done dozens of programs for us, always has exceptionally high ratings. She really knows her stuff and her delivery is clear and authoritative. Amy is a star among stars at Business 21. Icing on the cake: She's extremely reliable and easy to work with"

Stephen Meyer
Business 21 Publishing

“Amy is currently providing THQ employees with Leadership training which consists of various helpful topics to assist us with our daily obligations to the company. Amy is an energetic, knowledgeable trainer with a wealth of helpful ideas. Amy takes a genuine interest in the success of the employees she trains and actively displays this every occasion she's at THQ. I cannot put into words how valuable her training methods are to my personal growth with THQ and I hope to remain in constant contact with her for years to come. I feel that I can trust her advice and take her words to heart. Thus far, all of the training tips she has provided me have really helped advance my managerial techniques and I directly credit her with my recent promotion to Senior QA Lead. I could go on and on about the benefits of Amy's training but I'll just close by saying that any company contemplating hiring her for her training services, should ABSOLUTELY do so."

Jerry Cortes
THQ, Inc.

“We contracted with Amy to conduct two half day sessions with our managers and leads to improve their skills in “pinpointing” issues. Her presentations were engaging, interactive, and relevant. Our managers came away feeling that they learned something useful and that their time was well spent. From the first time we talked to Amy she was very effective in helping us decide the type of training we needed for our people and tailoring her base presentation to better suit the needs of our managers. We found her to be very timely in all of our communications with her and also noted that her comments and feedback reflected an impressive reservoir of practical knowledge and experience. We found her fees to be very reasonable and flexible to meet our needs. Based on our first experience with Amy, we will definitely engage her services in the future.”

Chuck Kroegel
General Manager, Petroglyph Games

“I've had the pleasure of recommending Amy to our clients in the past (we do executive search). She does quality work, she "gets it" and is able to make the training be practical for an ROI.”

Gary Saenger
Owner, Saenger Associates

“Amy's work of improving organizational effectiveness was beneficial to our senior management team, and I look forward to future opportunities to re-engage her firm.”

Johnathan Williams
Founder at The Accelerated School

“Amy is a fantastic trainer who uses creative ways to provoke new ideas. Combined with her ability to intermix industry recognized scientific methods, she's able to quickly reveal useful insights about ourselves and how to work best with others. I've used her for corporate team builders and 1:1 consulting and she has always delivered an amazing experience. If perception is reality, then the reality is that by using Amy your perceptions will change for the better and a whole new reality will be your result!”

Mike Chase
Regional Director of Engineering, FusionStorm

“Amy has been a wonderful resource for me and my team. She helped me put together a full training program for my staff. I have a lot of new supervisors and managers, and we really needed a program to concentrate on fundamentals. Amy helped me customize one, and she customizes each session to our business. My staff has learned a lot, and so have I! On top of it all, it has helped to bring my staff closer together. Amy keeps the training fun and keeps everyone engaged. It's really helped to build a team environment in my facility.”

Pamela Smaldone
Director of Operations, Cardinal Health

“Good advanced preparation and training programs delivered in an interactive, creative and professional manner. I would strongly recommend Amy for your organization development training.”

Bruce Frost
Site Director, JDSU Printing Services